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Core Business Beliefs

The renewable energy industry is the future.  The benefits include lower energy costs, sustainable development and a healthier environment. PPL is leading the way in research and implementation of renewable energy solutions regionally and internationally. We are on track to contribute to the 2003 CARICOM Energy Policy which calls for an increase in renewable power generation of 47% by 2027. We agree with the CARICOM Energy policy which calls for renewable energy, most prominently wind energy, to be a dominant player in facilitating the region’s energy needs.


The potential for solar energy as a solution in Trinidad and Tobago and the wider Caribbean is huge.  It can be used to heat water and generate electricity for as long as the sun shines and at a lower cost than traditional energy production. PPL has set up one of the only renewable energy systems for a large public building in Western Trinidad. We are committed and ready to stand with solar power as it forms a solution for the region’s needs.

Wind energy - TURN NOT BURN

PPL is committed to shaping the future of wind energy in Trinidad and Tobago. Wind energy produces no air pollution, acid rain or greenhouse gases and land used for wind farms can also be used to farm crops.  PPL’s research in Trinidad and Tobago has been published internationally and used to advance the technology of wind turbines around the world. Just imagine what we can do here in Trinidad and Tobago. We believe that Trinidad and Tobago, as well as the wider Caribbean region, presents untapped wind energy potential. As researchers and pioneer’s in Trinidad’s wind energy field, we are excited to move forward together.

Company History

Power Producers Limited opened its doors in 2004.  We provide engineering solutions to the power and healthcare industries and are at the forefront of the development of the renewable energy industry. Power Producers Limited was formed with the goal of bringing new ways of thinking to Trinidad and Tobago’s, and the wider region, energy needs. It is this progressive way of thinking which has led us to be one of Trinidad and Tobago’s leading renewable energy solutions